REX is a three-piece band based in Amsterdam.

In their sexy, stylish look, they give a rough twist to the dark side of life, the edge of town, lost in track, looking for someone that isn’t there.

While their music has much in common with, Nick cave and the bad seeds, Lou Reed, and Leonard Cohen, they all come from totally different musical backgrounds.

Jonathan Rex (guitar, vocals) with his dark, deep voice, was born with flamenco in his blood. 
Nout Kooij (drums) has his roots in the punk but can also play the drums with a feather.

and Sara Elzinga (bass) comes from a family where the blues was thought even before she could walk.

As soon they started playing in Amsterdam, they were renamed to be the new cult band in town.

Many festivals and venues followed including, shows abroad, London Berlin and Spain…

Last summer they played at ‘Into the great wide open’ and did a tour as the opening act of ‘Claw boys Claw’.

Coming May their first EP will be released in London.

Rex plays with a combination of post-punk, new wave and a touch of flamenco.

‘REX, Languorous and dark with lyrics, that bring you back to wild nights with lost lovers’

Jonathan Rex - guitar / vocals
 Sara Elzinga - bass / bck.vocals
 Nout Kooij - drums / bck.vocals